2018 Freedom Summer Literacy Fundraiser

2018 Freedom Summer Literacy Fundraiser

About This Campaign

This summer, the SCFP is adding Nic Stone's new coming of age novel, Dear Martin, to our reading class. This book addresses questions pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and other central questions that the SCFP examines regularly! We want to consistently offer books that are both quality and interesting to students.

In addition to a new set of novel studies books, we want to update our library so that students always have exciting, diverse books to read as they strive to meet their independent reading goals as well.

Because we are trying to fulfill student requests for the library and hope to purchase a set of novel studies books, please donate to this Giveffect page instead of mailing book donations.

Sunflower County Freedom Project

Campaign to Support Sunflower County Freedom Project

At the Sunflower County Freedom Project, we believe that education is the seed of freedom. Without a challenging, achievement-oriented education, children in the Mississippi Delta will be as powerless in the future as were illiterate sharecroppers in the twentieth century. We provide after-school and summer school programming to students in grades 7-12. Our programs are rooted in five tenets: academic support, health and wellness training, arts enrichment, educational travel and character development. For every student that has completed our six-year fellowship, 100% of them have gone on to the university or college of their choosing or joined the armed forces.

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    Dedication In Memory of: Earnestia Hunter
    So proud of every fellow. Can’t wait to see what each of you accomplishes. I am always here is you need anything.
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